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The most common causes of contamination risks in clean rooms are people and products. Our training and resources educate people involved in Cleanrooms, comply with Cleanroom Procedures, in proper practice and contamination control. We can deliver our popular training sessions or work with you to develop a CAPT curriculum tailored to your individual needs, while providing a CERTIFICATE from the CAPT to everyone who passes the exam. CAPT as well.

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We provide cleanroom training in a structured session to suit individual needs. The training is usually divided into two sections covering both theoretical and practical sessions, sometimes followed by a cleanroom test. Topics can include hand hygiene, sources of contamination, best practices, cleaning best practices, and the short- and long-term effects on the company if best practices are not followed. This engaging and stimulating training design is aimed at fostering the responsibility of each operator to change clean room behavior in order to reduce contamination entering the clean room and reduce Process risks

Open CAPT Days

We regularly organize free and unofficial Open CAPT Days. As well as taking part in a presentation on cleanroom protocols and best practices, you can also participate in a cleanroom demonstration of our work. We have lunch too! Our opening days are a fun and informative way for you to learn more about process improvements and clean protocols. What we cover - dust audits, free room best practices and cleaning, dressing procedures, as well as guest presenters from our suppliers. Received many honors through the channel

Knowledge Base

Over the years we have built up a wealth of industry knowledge that we are ready to share with our customers to add value. In our Knowledge Center you will find maintenance tips, clean room types, classification and much more. You can also watch many video tutorials on the Youtube channel.

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