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Jan 5, 10 AM



Design and install CLEANROOM

As the nationally leading Cleanroom Technology company CAPT, we offer the broadest range of cleanroom solutions and services for the manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical and biological applications. In line with Thailand 4.0 policy, we help improve results for healthcare providers and for technology innovators in Thailand by making engineering at the core of our business. Our cleanroom solutions are based on standards and engineering. We believe this will dramatically increase the reliability of our solutions and reduce life-cycle costs. It is our philosophy that this approach brings technology.

Clean rooms are inexpensive by not only Instead, the focus on including putting the total cost of ownership is the core of our vision.

Clean Air Product., Co.Ltd, founded in 1995, is a design, construction, testing and maintenance company specializing in cleanroom activities in healthcare, biotechnology, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and food processing. As the leading innovator in providing cleanrooms connected to Industry 4.0, we make clean room technology affordable. Our main focus here is not the investment cost. But also the cost of owning your clean room. Pre-engineered clean rooms lead to increased energy efficiency and reliability. But also speed up the clean room project

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